Whatever Lola Wants!


Tommy Demos’ MFA Thesis Film, has been submitted to Cinema
Slam 2011, the student film segment of the Miami International Film Festival.

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Three films from each school will be selected as Cinema Slam Finalists in an American
Idol-style voting contest, with 50% of the score determined by online public voting and 50%
determined by a select group of faculty judges from each school.

The winning film from each school plus the grand prize winner
(“Miami Student Film of the
Year”) will be selected by MIFF’s esteemed Florida Focus Jury.

Cinema Slam winners will be announced and screened during the 28th Annual
Miami International Film Festival being held March 4-13, 2011.

The DEADLINE for viewing and rating films online is JANUARY 28th, 2011. Please
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thank you…

University of Miami V student Tommy Demos as wrote the original screenplay and also
directed the 20—minute long, fictional short story narrative film with,three characters.

That’s A Wrap…

By Janine Ouillette
Special to the Eaglemarconews.com

Joanie’s Blue Crab Cafe, on U.S. 41 near Ochopee, recently
became famous as the site of Florida’s newest film location.
A small group of University of Miami graduate students
converged on the restaurant to use it as a set to film a
school project called “Whatever Lola Wants.”

The film will be shown at a later date during the University
of Miami 2010 Student Film Festival held on campus in Coral

Gables. University of Miami student Tommy Demos wrote the original screenplay and also directed the 20-minute long,
fictional short story narrative film with three characters titled:

Whatever Lola Wants

The film script starts on Alligator Alley midday describing a
shot of a white pickup truck moving down the road, then
directs the action to, “cut to truck picking up hitchhiker,
Jessie,” played by professional actor John McGlothian and
the driver, Lola, portrayed by professional actress Juliana Harkavy.

The shot includes the pickup truck’s rear window plastered with stickers including;

Warning — Burning rubber makes me horny.” The scene shifts to Joanie’s Blue Crab Cafe´
dining room, the closed set where most of the action takes place, said Harkavy.

He was waiting for a cue from Demos who was setting up the next scene of her washing her
hands because she has just murdered the cook, played by Ken Clement; because she was
offended when he twisted her comment to him into a sexual innuendo about one of his body

“I play Lola and I seduce Jesse (McGlothian) in this story,” said Harkavy, explaining she
was recruited for the film through friends playwright/director Tom my Demos.

Harkavy and McGlothian gathered on the porch to get a cold soda and they were very
forthcoming in describing their part in the drama after that scene was shot.

They related Lola and Jessie leave Joanie’s to find a motel, and the action shifts to a
dream sequence told from both the actors’ a perspectives and fades to a shot of the truck
going down the road, and who is driving is the shocker that will be revealed at the end of
the film.

The 25-year-old Harkavy said her most recent acting assignments
included a Glad commercial and a minor part in “A Dolphin’s Tale”
starring Morgan Free-man and Ashley Judd. The ’ movie is a warm
and fuzzy family film that takes place in Clearwater and was produced by Warner Bros. for release in 2011, she said.

McGlothian said he’s been acting four years and confided, “I just
recently started earning enough to pay the bills, but my next part
is in ‘“I Hate Hamlet” being produced at the Tamarac Theater of Performing Arts in Tamarac near Coral Springs.

Interestingly, Wes Warner, the stand-in for the · cook (Ken Clemente), said he was an employed professional sous chef waiting to start work Oct. 4 at Mar a Lago, Donald Trump’s estate on Palm Beach Island.

Actually, my cousin is a friend of Tommy (Demos) and he invited me.
I thought it would be fun to hang out for the week…By Janine Ouillette Special to the Eagle

Joanie’s Blue Crab Cafe´
39395 US 41 Ochopee F l, Phone: 695-2682
10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday through Monday.


University ot l\/liami V
student Tommy Demos as
wrote the original
screenplay and also
directed the 20—minute
long, fictional short
story narrative film with
,three characters.


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